We are about to celebrate 20 Years, since our beginning of activity, which took place in January 1999.

We faced the difficulties inherent in the development and implementation of a startup.

Currently, we are a company that has its market share, having created a nationally recognized name, in the face of the projects we have been involded, mainly in the Industry area, whose dimensions and inherent responsibilities have been steadily increasing.

We have been deserving  the trust and respect of our clients, who have relied on us for projects of various levels of responsibility, in the scope of electrical installations, instrumentation and automation. In all of them, with the same commitment, we strive to do our best.

We appreciate the confidence deposited in us. We aim to return the confidence given to us by presenting finished projects with a degree of quality that has been the target of very welcoming and flattering opinions on the part of our clients. Who else to drives us to continually improve.

With the dedication of the Team that, as a whole, composes this Company, we were able to successfully overcome the difficulties that have arisen and solidify the implementation of our name.

We always look forward to new challenges. Excellence is a goal always sought.

We endeavour  to continue to evolve, expand our business and to take a place in the development of our Country.


We are a Company created in January 20, 1999, having in our staff  professionally  trained employees , with experience acquired over the years, performing functions in the area of direction, leadership and execution of projects of various types.

Essentially focused on Medium and Low Voltage Electrical, Instrumentation, Safety and Automation Assemblies, the training of our professionals covers a very wide range of acomplished projects, from which we present some examples below.

This training allows us to fully comply with the corporate purpose of the Company, which is:
Projects, Assemblies, Conservation and Maintenance of Electricity, Electrical Panels, Installations of High, Medium and Low Voltage, Transformer Posts, Faulty Currents, Gas Instrumentation, Telecommunications, Automation and Civil, Naval, Industrial and Public Works Services.

We, thus, have a work team, with evidence given over several years in our market.

In view of the growth in volume of projects, all the company logistical have evolved over the years.


We have our own means of work and cargo handling, of which we highlight:

  • Individual tools and safety equipment for each professional, in addition to tools specific to our activity.
  • Computer mobile laboratory, fully equipped, installed in a standard container suitable for this purpose, which is moved onsite to provide support at stoppages or projects focused mainly  in instrumentation.
  • Personnel, cargo, and mixed personnel / cargo fleet suited to the company needs;
  • Own lifting means.


Our organizational structure is intended to be light but effective.

Thus, as a support to the project sites, we have a backoffice,  whose essential concern is to meet in a timely and effective manner the needs presented by the onsite Management. To this end, the mobile communications network that the Company has setup and made available to most of its employees, has been of an effective contribution, minimizing waiting times. Our means of transport complete this circuit, adding flexibility and effectivity.

To meet the most immediate needs, not only for ongoing projects, but also to support the daily activity of our customers, our warehouse has a permanent mix everyday turnaround, as well as specific longterm stock, available.


We intend to continue to evolve and provide the best services to our customers. This is the goal.

Your satisfaction will be our satisfaction.

To this end, we will continue to focus on the admission of new employees, with a predominance of youth, whose training obtained in vocational schools will be complemented and deepened in our activity. New technologies are part of our goals. Our equipment  is being continuously updated to be ahead of the fast pacing needs of our customers.

The range of our activities has been steadily increasing, allowing us, to place our expertise at your disposal.